Build Feeding Homes for Birds

Build Feeding Homes for Birds

Birds are seldom given the dues that are warranted. Opening your children’s eyes to what is openly around them will allow them to understand the beauty of nature, and the importance of preserving it.

There are so many reusable waste items that can be used to make your own bird feeder. Take the time to build one with your children. Explain to them the steps, and why each is important, but allow them to undertake the physical task with your assistance.

Once completed, discuss the best place to hang the bird feeder. Allow your children to give you reasons for each area, and then explain which would be the best, and the reasons why. Have an open discussion about the birds that frequent your area, and the kind of food, or seeds that will best attract them.

Give your children the responsibility of filling the feeder each day, and then spend time watching the birds flock in. The sheer variety will astonish your children. Perhaps keep a notebook, and fill it with the species you catch a glimpse of. Allow your children to tell you about the species, and what they eat.