Entertainment Captures a Child’s Imagination

Entertainment Captures a Child’s Imagination

Entertaining a group of children? It’s time to think outside the box. Playtime doesn’t have to be stressful for the adults in the room. There are plenty of entertaining activities that spark smiles and laughter. Here are four traditional and not-so-conventional games that your young ones will surely enjoy.


Bingo playing is usually reserved for adults. However, it’s an excellent opportunity to teach children numbers. For large groups, the party planner may print out a Bingo card design from the computer and make copies. Customizing the cards to add a logo, motto, or party theme adds to the fun. Pass out the Bingo cards. Explain the rules. Start calling out the numbers. Younger children may require a little help. Once everyone gets the hang of it, winners will begin shouting out, Bingo!


Interactive entertainment is exciting for children, and story time is an old favourite. As a fun activity, consider allowing the children to tell the story. The adult may begin the story, and each child adds a few sentences. There’s no telling where this story is going to end up. As the story experiences twists and turns, the children listen intently. Each eagerly anticipates the opportunity to add another excerpt into the giggly, wiggly, original story from a room full of little authors.

Language Query

Entertainers should get ready to display foreign words and have each child guess the meaning in their original language. Those who guess correctly win a prize. When it’s a child’s turn, he may ask for clues to figure out the meaning. After receiving his clues, the player has 60 seconds to guess the foreign word or pass it to the next player. Clues may include other words, sounds, or actions. While it may require some pre-planning on the part of the host, Language Query combines education with entertainment to give the participants something to remember for life.