Creating Actively Engaging Entertainment for Children

Creating Actively Engaging Entertainment for Children

Many people who are parents of young children today, grew up playing in the outdoors and having to find creative ways to entertain themselves. Now, they have to painfully watch as their kids get addicted to TV and video game entertainment from as early as a year old. The sad thing is that they feel as though there is nothing that they can do about it.

But hey! The good news is that, with a little creativity, you can get your kid to enjoy forms of entertainment which actually benefit their body and brains!

Effects of Inactivity

Research has shown that too much couch potato-ing and unhealthy eating are some of the reasons for childhood obesity in the UK. A general practitioner like livi will tell you that it is detrimental for kids to be inactive. Using an easily downloadable mobile app, you can speak to a professional medic and get to know the specific effects of inactivity.

Interactive Entertainment for Kids

While the internet has received the greatest blame for making children lazy, it just might be the very source for the desired cure. The fact is that kids have embraced technology, and there is no way you will take it away without them sulking. So, why not find a mobile game which will get them off the couch and running?

Games like Pokémon Go, Zombies, Run! BallStrike, The Walk, Geocaching, SpecTrek, JumpJumpFroggie and Motion Maze are just a few of the captivating games which can get kids running. These games usually involve missions and searches for fictional conquests that make players feel like heroes. They are easy to learn, but can also be used as a way to spend time and bond with your kids, as you teach them how to get through the levels.

Create a Schedule

It will be initially frowned upon, but isn’t that a part of being a good parent? It shows that you are putting your foot down and stamping out some unacceptable behaviour. Have in place a schedule which lays down the times that kids can sit down with consoles and gamepads, and others when they have to get up and about.

Make a point of being physically active yourself; kids do a lot of their learning by imitation. Create time to take them out to parks, get them a little bike as you get yours, take them swimming, and encourage jogging and other physically engaging forms of fun.

Socialise Them

Kids are more likely to get physically active and enjoy it when they are in groups. When they are not in school, make a point of getting together with their peers either at your house, a friend’s house or even in entertainment parks.